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If one looks at the modern driver: 1. Today’s drivers are vastly customizable through the use of adjustable hosels and weighting systems; 2. Custom fitting is becoming “the norm” for buying a driver; 3. A great many tools and technologies exist to provide immediate feedback to the tester, like launch monitors, multiple shaft options, etc.; 4. The average number of strokes made per 18-hole round with this club is approximately 13.

However, if one looks at the putter market: 1. Even today’s putters offer little customization, and those customizations, like bending the hosel for the lie angle of a common putter, require that you buy the club first and then a professional must use expensive machinery to bend it accurately; 2. Very few individuals seek out professional assistance or a putter fitting when choosing a putter; 3. Almost every putter you find off the rack is 72 degrees of lie angle and 34” or 35” in length; 4. The current “norm” for buying a putter is trying out the lot of them until you find one you think fits, even though it is likely a stock 72 degrees and 34-35”; 5. Most golfers make 35-40 strokes per round with a putter, and even a professional that is a top-100 putter averages about 30 strokes per round.


There is a clear problem of priorities in the golf industry. This is where my design concept comes in. 

When it comes to successful putting, there are key points that every expert will agree upon: 1. Having one’s eyes over the ball in the putting address position is crucial to proper aim and alignment; 2. Gripping the putter in a posture that allows natural “arm hang” to occur results in the best practices of rocking one’s shoulders to swing the putter, maintaining “the Triangle” between one’s shoulders and wrists throughout the stroke, and keeping a steady head. The only way to achieve this is to first examine the user and fit the club to them, not the other way around. Putting is very personal, and we are all different shapes and sizes; how can a standard putter off the rack be expected to fit everybody? 

The answer lies in our product. 

First, I began with the idea that the putter had to feature a roll face. Also known as a “variable loft” face, it is forgiving in that, whether one makes a strike slightly on the upswing or slightly on the downswing, one is still making consistent equator strikes. This consistency results in the ball rolling more quickly off the face for a straighter roll and reliable speed. Plus, ball striking always feels more pure and solid, every time.

Second, the idea for the adjustable weight system came from staring at a small pile of steel shaft counterweights in my shop. Envisioning them lining up behind the ball, and the way they vary weight amounts by varying length, made sense to me...so did a weighting system that allows one to dial in feel utilizing up to 96 grams of discretionary weight which could also be adjusted to make corrections (both minimal and vast) in club head path, much like today’s drivers. 

Third came the idea for the hosel. I wanted the ability to adjust lie angle for the user to be able to try the adjusted putter in real time. I struggled with various “existing” designs but they added too much weight or too little adjustability, and nothing offered adjustability without the need for sophisticated bending equipment. The hosel adapter design evolved from the idea of etching out material to make space for a shaft in various angles and then finding a way to hold it fast in place by “filling in the gaps”. The adapter system I developed allows for the shaft to insert in two different positions, either a center-shafted position or a slightly “heel-biased” position, in order to accommodate different swing arcs. The array of lie angles will be able to accommodate a flat 67 degrees all the way up to the maximum USGA-allowed upright angle of 79 degrees. The adapter can be changed out by undoing its fasteners, which only takes a few moments. Best of all, this system allows the adapter to be reversed in order to fit lefties in the same range of customization! 

When you combine all of these key features, you have a product that empowers golfers to improve their game, and be the best putter they can be. 

[Note: The Jaxon Model 1 is designed to be USGA conforming.]


**SNEAK PEEK** Jaxon Putter Model I

Roll Face

A (rounded) variable-loft  face for forgiveness, consistency of roll and feel

Innovative Weighting System

Adjustable weighting to personalize feel and swing path

Adjustable Lie System

Allows adjustment of lie, shaft position and dexterity in seconds for real-time feedback for fitting.

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